Payment methods

1. Prices

Every product indicates the sale price in Euros, and does not include the VAT (Value-Added Tax). If any other taxes were to be applied, it would be indicated (IGIC or IPSI).

2. Payment methods and order processing

Customers can choose from the following payment methods to pay for their order. During the purchase process their choice must be indicated:

2.1.Credit card

Every operation that involves the exchange of personal or bank data is processed in a secure environment, using the standard security technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). All the information provided by our customers is encrypted and travels securely across the network.

The payment via credit card will be processed by phone externally from our website.

Credit card data are directly introduced on the payment terminal and are not introduced nor registered in any server of JENUAN DISEÑO Y MODA TEXTIL, S.L.

To pay via credit card customers will be requested the following data: card number, card expiration date, and a Validation Code that matches the last three digits in italics after the card number on the back of the MASTERCARD or VISA card, thus offering more guarantees regarding the safety of the transaction.

If the amount of a purchase is unlawfully or erroneously charged using the number of a payment card, its owner can demand the immediate cancellation of the charge. In such case, the related debit and re-credit entries on the accounts of the supplier and the owner will be effective as soon as possible.

However, if the purchase had actually been carried out by the owner of the card, and the refund request wasn’t a consecuence of applying the right of dismissal or resolution, and therefore the owner had unfairly requested the cancellation of such charge, he will be required to reimburse JENUAN DISEÑO Y MODA TEXTIL, SL for any harm caused as a consecuence of such cancellation

2.2. Bank transfer

Customers will be provided the IBAN number needed to make the bank transfer. Once the bank transfer has been effective, we will process the order on our warehouse.

2.3. Financed payment

Customers can pay for their order with instalments, depending on the amount of purchase. The financed payment is subject to the approval by the Department of Risks.

The availability of the products offered by JENUAN DISEÑO Y MODA TEXTIL, SL. may vary subject to customers’ demand. Although JENUAN DISEÑO Y MODA TEXTIL, SL. restocks regularly, the product requested by the customer might be sold out at the moment. In such case, JENUAN DISEÑO Y MODA TEXTIL SL. will notify the customer via email. The notification period will never exceed a maximum of 30 days.



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